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Eco trip planner is the INDIA first site covering green tourism and beauty of INDIA, and has been in origin from last half a decade. Our main intention is to inspire travelers toward a adventures and culture form of travel. That includes slowing down, unplugging, getting out, going in, making mistakes and moving on, being choosy, doing research, and growing every day. Rest and relaxation are real and important, and so is time with friends and family.

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We come from the Earth, and we all return to it. Let’s make our time here as rewarding and amazing as it can be, without using all our grandchildren’s clean water and topsoil in the process. They’re going to need those things too. Being an Eco traveller means doing what you can, in your life, to keep all life on Earth healthy and green. With smarter choices, innovations, community action and plenty of love, we can figure it out, do the right thing and have a great time too.


With Domestic Travel in India, you can tour the historical cities and states and explore their adventurous side. You can study the art and cultural heritage that is one of the oldest in the world, or you can also go on wildlife safaris to the many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries spread over India.


We offer international tour packages , plan the tour in an alluring way to double the fun and adventure of the traveler. There are lavish packages that provide stay at luxury hotels, and there are inexpensive packages that still feature a presentable room at a fine price.


The Indian Subcontinent presents an amazing array of unforgettable experiences, from the incredible Taj Mahal, the unspoilt natural beauty of Sri Lanka, the breathtaking countryside of Bhutan and the hiking paradise of Nepal.

India being a multi-cultural society, the list of things to do in India is bound to be pretty exhaustive as the country offers something for everyone! So just go with the flow and choose what interests you and be assured that you will definitely enjoy your journey through this Amazing country called India! Read More...

Let Ecotrip Planner take you on a colourful trip through these countries to discover the intoxicating, rich history, stunning scenery and cultural treasures. Meet the people, savour the food and create memories that will last forever!
Book one of our Tours today and discover all that this amazing region of the world has to offer!

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